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Written by: Rehya Stevens
Produced by: Jon Kubis
Co-producer: Tom Keane
Strings: Tom Keane
Bass: Nelson Braxton
Drums: Dave Karasony
Lead vocals performed and recorded by: Rehya Stevens
Mastered by: Mike Bozzi


Pretty lights
Sparkling through window panes
Children wait listening for Santa's sleigh

Evergreen, pumpkin pie
And carols fill the air
Laughter by the fireside
And memories to share

Christmas time is here again
Time for love, good cheer and happiness
For me a you
It's Christmas everywhere
And it's ours to share

But the most magical thing of all
Aren't the reindeer who fly
It's the mistletoe that's occupied
By you and I
That makes it Christmas time
In my heart tonight

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