Hello Friends:) 


Happy summer and happy Pride month! 

I'm GIDDY to announce the news that I have a HOT new DANCE/EDM single coming your way on Friday, June 30th! 

I was super privileged to work with esteemed “South Park” composer and producer Jamie Dunlap on this song. While writing and producing this song together, I told Jamie, “To me, life is like the dance floor. This is your moment! Your chance to play the hand you’ve been dealt, and hopefully play it well. Let's write a song that is all about inclusivity."  “Love Party” is much deeper to me than just being a summer ‘bop.’ It’s about releasing frustration and seeing yourself as a badass who is surviving and thriving within a dysfunctional system - and hopefully transforming it. That’s an empowering way to see yourself in the world.

I can't wait for you to hear this new track – I hope it empowers your beautiful spirit and motivates you to keep reaching higher - no MATTER your circumstances. We are all welcome in this world. We all came here to shine.