Welcome, welcome!

Happy New Year, Friends! 

It was such fun to share “Santa's Takin' Over The Town” with you last year! I hope you enjoyed listening to it while holiday shopping, cooking/baking- making a mess in the kitchen, or just puttering around the house. 

Well, here we are in a fresh, new year! 

I don't know about you, but for me, a new year takes a little time to settle into. It seems to take weeks to get my engine fully revved for the road ahead. Then, suddenly - I'm launched, and the clumsy click-clack rhythm of life starts to groove. 

If things hum along as semi-planned (I'm kind of an “organized chaos” type of planner), I'll have a new, non-seasonal album coming out later this year, starting with a string of singles.

 These new songs are some of my personal best - perhaps because they are the most close-to-the-bone. I'll keep you updated on release dates, and share more news as it cooks along.

In the interim, I wish you a heart full of passion, a head full of dreams, and a whole lot of faith, wisdom and elbow grease to bring your life's garden to full bloom this year.

Cheers to 2024!