1. Welcome Home

From the recording Celebrate

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Track number: 8
Track Title: Welcome HomeĀ 
Composers: Rehya Stevens & Jon Kubis
Artist/Performer: Rehya StevensĀ 
Time: 3:12
Genre: Holiday, Adult Contemporary, Jazz
Track Production & Orchestration: Jon Kubis
Vocals performed and produced by: Rehya Stevens
Cello: Mike Uhler
Mastered by: Jon Webber at AIR Studios London


Welcome Home
Written By: Rehya Stevens & Jon Kubis

What do you need this weary night?
A warm, safe place could ease your mind
Or something lovely prepared
A setting made with special care

Welcome Home, Welcome Home
Hang your hat, I'll take your coat
Won't you make yourself at home

It's clear that you have travelled far
I hope you'll find reprieve
In these old familiar rooms
Rest your cares and talk to me

Welcome Home, Welcome Home
I'll fill your glass, I'll listen close
Won't you make yourself at home

Welcome Home, Welcome Home
No need to ask from now on
Won't you make yourself at home