1. Gloria

From the recording Celebrate

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Track number: 7
Track Title: Gloria
Composers: Rehya Stevens, Peter Martin & Jon Kubis
Artist/Performer: Rehya Stevens 
Time: 5:02
Genre: Adult Contemporary, Gospel
Track Production & Orchestration: Jon Kubis
Lead vocals performed and produced by: Rehya Stevens
Background vocal arrangement by: Rehya Stevens 
Background vocals: Rehya Stevens, Jarrett Johnson, LaVance Colley and Alexx Daye 
Drums: Dave Karasony
Bass: Nelson Braxton
Background vocals recorded at Station Victoria Seven by Gene Siegel 
Rhythm section recorded by Jose Alcantar at Sancola Sound
Mastered by: Jon Webber at AIR Studios London


Written by: Rehya Stevens, Peter Martin, Jon Kubis

An angel of The Lord appeared 
With glad tidings of Jesus' birth
To the lowly shepherds of the fields 
So that humble souls would know their worth 
Singing Gloria 

The Wise men traveled from afar
Guided by a shining star
To a manger in Bethlehem
Bearing gifts for him
Singing Gloria
Glory to God in the highest

For he shall reign 
King Of all kings
Holy lamb of God
Born to save this weary world 
Jesus Christ is born 

Though Herod was threatening
In power of Israel
None could perish the new born king
For God protected Emmanuel 
So we sing Gloria
Glory to God in the highest 

For he shall reign 
This baby boy
Born to save this troubled world 
Hail to the son of God 
Hallelujah, Jesus Christ is born 
Hallelujah, Jesus Christ is lord 
For we are blessed this Christmas Day 
Jesus Christ is born