Welcome Home  



The fire is roaring, the wine is flowing, the house smells delicious - and the romantic anticipation of the holiday season is officially requited for the first time this year. It's Thanksgiving day! A time for nurturing what needs tending to, and for counting our blessings. 

So MUCH happens in a year. We plant seeds. We till the soil. We wait. We harvest. We prune. Some of our harvest may have been lost -- perhaps seeds were planted too close together (i.e.., our lives became too over-scheduled - and choked out the harvest), or unexpected storms brought destruction. BUT. Something always flourishes, and there is always something to be grateful for. 

Wherever you are, and whomever you're with, I hope you're feeling abundant! If this year was full of challenges, I hope that today finds you in restful reprieve. If you're struggling to find one, I hope this song "Welcome Home" feels like a warm wooly blanket on this cold winter night. 

Happy Thanksgiving!





Welcome Home 

Written By: Rehya Stevens & Jon Kubis 


What do you need this weary night? 

A warm, safe place could ease your mind 

Or something lovely prepared 

A setting made with special care 


Welcome Home, Welcome Home 

Hang your hat, I'll take your coat 

Won't you make yourself at home 


It's clear that you have travelled far 

I hope you'll find reprieve 

In these old familiar rooms 

Rest your cares and talk to me 


Welcome Home, Welcome Home 

I'll fill your glass, I'll listen close 

Won't you make yourself at home 


Welcome Home, Welcome Home 

No need to ask from now on 

Won't you make yourself at home 


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